The Class of 1985 of the Marcelo H. del Pilar High School started writing its colorful history way back in 1981 when anxious eyes, furrowed brows, unsteady footfalls, awkward hands and restless heads filled the halls and corridors of MHPHS in its old site in Guinhawa, Malolos, Bulacan. That was to be the start of our transition from childhood to adolescence, a time when knowledge filled our inquisitive minds and widened our horizon. It was also the beginning of cherished and binding friendships that we still continue to cherish even up to this day.

Most remember our batch as the first to have graduated from MHPHS’ new site in Sta. Isabel, Malolos, Bulacan, but there is definitely more to us than this. Its quite difficult to sum up four years and neatly file them up in a box labeled "high school," but what we know is that those four years spent in our high school alma mater was marked with memories of some of the finest moments of our young lives, the time when we gave our best because we gave it our all.

Who could ever forget those years spent idyllically sipping sago and gulaman while incessantly munching on banana cue and fish balls…of carefree days spent chatting, dreaming and laughing away as if there was no tomorrow… of days spent valiantly defending the banner of the school in various competitions, standing tall and proud when moments of victory come, and still with heads unbowed when inevitable failures come our way.

There are more memories that fill our minds as we walk down memory lane…let me just name a few and allow me to rattle them off and see if they cause streams of memories to deluge you and make you wish you could live those four years all over again…the Glee Club, Boy Scouts and CAT Training, Girl Scouts, the COCC trainees and the "humiliating" experiences that they had to bear in the name of "obedience", the Phythagorean theorems, those x’s and y’s that keep on becoming unknown, much to the chagrin of the numbers-challenged , Aling Saling and Mang Paquito Topico who forever filled our hungry stomachs with hot, delicious food and nourished our soul with those sweet smiles and parent-like concern shown to each one, the declamation and oratorical contests, the Speech Choir contests that had the whole class memorizing stories of never-before-heard-of-tales of people in another time, the Monday flag raising ceremony that had our dear old MHPHS band under Mr. Arcon churning up incredible tunes all to meant to rouse sleepyheads from slumber at 8 in the morning , the theater week that had young seasoned thespians emoting complex roles and issues, the graffiti, our first taste of tempered delinquency, those out-of-the-way corners that are a silent witness to tales of young love and cherished dreams amidst inner struggles of finding out who we are and what we want to be ….

Sadly, they are but memories now, only to be recounted and relived once again in reunions of the future, but no one can ever dispute the mark that high school has collectively left on us.



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